Our Story

Alex & Joel

From Odds + Ends to due North, this little corner shop has come a long way and evolved so much over the years. Opened in 2007 by Annette Zacho, it began life as a gift and design boutique. Fast forward a year and a move down the street, and Alex joined the team, filling a very part-time position. As her friendship with Annette and her love for the shop grew, she began to take on more hours and some of the day-to-day operations of the boutique. When Annette moved away a couple of years later, Alex stepped into an even larger role, working in tandem with Annette long-distance for several years. Finally, in October 2018, Alex and husband, Joel, took the plunge and purchased the shop, making it their own. It was a long, fun, amazing road, and the adventure is only just beginning! In August 2019 they implemented a name change and re-branded the shop as due North, a fitting nod to the couple's last name, as well as the logical next step in the ownership process.




We are so excited for this journey as we continue to offer our customers the best in current trends, unique home decor and handmade items. We are always on the lookout for ways to keep relevant to our customer's needs and to bring something unique to our little corner of the world.

Customer service and our relationship with you is very important to us. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., our ears are open! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates and new arrivals, as well as any current specials or events. 

Thank you for gracing the door of our little corner shop, whether in-person or online. We are so happy you stopped by! 


Annette & Alex at Market in 2014

 Annette & Alex


Alex & Joel North - the proud owners

Alex & Joel